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AWESOME online Music game site with instrument fingering/note names and more.
Classical Music USed in Motion Pictures
Note Trainer Game

Ricci Adams' Music Theory- Extremely useful content! Ricci also offers the entire site to download
for offline use. Very nice tools and information for basic music theory instruction.
Dolmetsch Music Resources Pop in here and click around! These are fabulous resources for just about any type of music class!
Music Education
Musical Interval Tutor

Grant Application Available from JamStuido (video demo)
Tux Guitar
G Major Music Theory
Making Music Fun
46 Short Video Clips
MiBAC – Music Instruction by a Computer
Technology Tools for Enhancing Music Instruction Resources 1/14/10
Online Lessons
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Drums ‐
Trumpet ‐
Smart Code‐maker‐online‐game.html
Educational Cyber Playground‐
Online Search for All Things Music
Music Teacher
Tiger Bill DrumBeat
Lesson Planet
I Know That‐1:6&Subject=The%20Arts
William and Gayle Cook Music Library
Federal Resources for Music Education
Teach nology
Guitar Made EZ
Technology Tools for Enhancing Music Instruction Resources 1/14/10
Drum Theory and Notation‐lessons/
Online Drummer
Learn Piano by Chords How to Play Piano
Free Online Drum Lessons
Free Online Piano Lessons
Online Trumpet for Beginners
AP Guitar Tuner‐tablatures‐tk_ap_guitartuner102.exe
Guitar Made EZ Chord Charts‐chords.html
Guitar Made EZ Theory‐theory.html
Wikipedia – History of Electronic Music
Wikipedia – History of Sound Recording