Millard Music Staff Inservice 11-1-2011

What kind of sound systems are out there that are portable and 21 century? Like a Bose docking station with CD player, cost? MPS specs
The bose and Altec –Lansing iPod docking systems that I have seen are all fairly small and may or may not provide sufficient sound coverage for an entire classroom. One nice feature worth investigating if you go this way is a Bluetooth version. I will bring along a small version for demonstration.
. Something like a home theater surround sound system with a cd player may be worth looking into if permanent mounting is possible.
Vocal amplification system for elementary and HS teachers so they do not ruin their vocal cords, wireless etc.
I plan to bring along our portable sound system to show. It includes a cd player and multiple inputs.
There is a fairly wide selection of different types here:

Zoom recorder
I will bring along a couple of styles I own.

Or the video Version

  • or a Tascam version
  • or

Document camera/projector with HDMI capability and screen to project onto
I can bring along a couple of different types and we just ordered a Smart brand projectore and an einstruction. I am a little curious how they envision using these
Digital camcorder with memory card
There are a ton of options here.. I an bring along a wide range but in talking to the tech coordinators of our districts about this topic this week, most have said they are not buying them much any more because every device somes with HD ideo already (computers, Ipods, iPads, cell Phones, etc.)
IPad station 6-10 iPads that sync to a MAC
Get pricing from Apples web site by clicking on store, and choose education store to see the educational price

APs for Ipad (look into notaion and garagenband etc.)uch as symphony pro, noteshelf
I have a couple hundred I will be bringing to show. J
Mac based program for vocal music (Garageband is the big piece of this) because of the ability to download from the digital recorder without jumping through hoops. As well as the fact that Garageband does more than several PC platforms can do.
Finale Software
I can show as much of this as they would like.
Smartmusic should be considered I believe also.
Audacity will also do a nice job with the audio files and I can show that also.