Elementary age Music sites These four sites are especially for K - 2:

Arthur's Games - from the PBS children's show "Arthur" - here are some musical/media ones:

Buster's Movie Maker - design your own version of Buster's cool movie!

Crank It Up - make your own rhythms using tools from the garage & your computer keyboard!

Global Gizmo - match the pictures & sounds to learn about music instruments from around the world!

Most of these are for any grade:

Boomthang - create your own jammin' music, with drum beats, keyboards & other wild sounds!

Creating Music - "draw" your own musical compositions - from famous electronic composer Morton Subotnick

Cyberchase Patterns - click on the squares to make musical patterns

Drumsteps - the amazing rhythmic composition activity from the BBC in England - make the red balls roll down steps, go down ladders, disappear into & reappear out of "wormholes", & more! (only works w/ Internet Explorer)

DSO Kids Music Room - lots of fun stuff, from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Families of the Orchestra - Pictures, sounds and info about the different instrument families and the instruments in each family - from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Gullah Music - learn about the origins of African-American music - write your own blues song!

Kazounds - a musical memory game - see if you can outwit "Zounds"!

Keeping Score - the companion website to the TV series of the same name. Hosted by the conductor of the San Fransisco Symphony, Micheal Tilson Thomas. This site has amazing interactive features, & a wealth of information about how symphonic music is put together by the great composers. Features music by Beethoven, Aaron Copland, Stravinsky & Tchaikovsky.

Learn Bird Songs - listen to the best musicians in the animal world!

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Music Instrument Collection - see pictures of rare & unusual music instruments

Music Match'em - match the pictures of instruments to the correct sound

Music Through the Curriculum - a whole bunch of fun musical things to do that also help you with your reading and math! Includes favorites like "Cucumber Pickle Machine" & "Counting Music", with the computer voice counting the rhythms!

New York Philharmonic Kidzone - learn about instruments of the orchestra, play musical learning games, & compose your own version of a Mozart minuet!

PBS Jazz for Kids - information & activities about jazz music for young people

Pentatonic Scales - make up your own melodies using the pentatonic scale ("penta" means "5" in the Latin language)

Pianolina - play with floating tones, & create your own deconstruction of Beethoven's "Fur Elise"

San Francisco Symphony Kids Page - more info about instruments of the orchestra, & experiment with the sights & sounds of music in the Music Lab

String Thing - make up your own music with the "String Thing", and learn how string instruments work!

Thumb Piano Tunes - learn some tunes to play on the African thumb piano, or make up your own!

Virtual Piano - play a song on this keyboard, & add drums or chords; you can also change the sound to other instruments


Animated Music Clip Art - musical clip art that moves

Classics for Kids - lots of information on composers, instruments, etc.; also podcasts, music listening examples

DSO Kids Composers' Corner - fun information about composers, incl. listening examples

Encyclopedia Britannica Online - ask Mr. McDade for the password if you don't know it

Essentials of Music - information on the different eras of classical music, composers & a music glossary

Free Music Clip Art - more music clip art

Music Graphics Galore - free clip art for projects

PBS Jazz for Kids - has information about important jazz musicians


The Austin Symphony Glossary of Popular Music Terms

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Kids - Music Dictionary

Classics for Kids Musical Dictionary

Essentials of Music Online Glossary

Music Glossary.com

Music Master Glossary - from Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE)

Design Squad Vidz - engineering challenges solved by kids:

Rock On - the red & blue squads compete to design musical instruments for a rock band

Bodies Electric - the squads design interactive sound and light dance pads for a hip-hop artist

Band Cam - the squads design remote control aerial cameras to film a performance of the band Zili Misik

Curious George Vidz:

"Making Music" (on Pg. 1) - kids learn about the reasons instruments make high and low pitches

"Sounds Like" (on Pg. 3) - kids play a guessing game with different sounds

"Feel the Beat" (on Pg. 4) - kids go to a drum shop & learn about the different pitches drums can make

"Sound Detectives" (on Pg. 5) - kids listen for & imitate sounds in their neighborhood