SMARTBoards in the Elementary General Music Classroom

Tips & Tricks:
  • Items in the Gallery (Locate "Gallery" along the left side of the Notebook Software window). Once the Gallery is open--SelectEssentials for EducatorsYOUR SUBJECT AREA in the Gallery you will find a number of subject area related clip art items, including flash graphics, backgrounds, full pages, etc.

  • Lesson Activity Toolkit: Become familiar with the Lesson Activity Toolkit located in the gallery (picture frame icon) where you will find "preformatted" notebook files that can simply be edited.

Finding Pre-Made Lessons & Ideas:
  • Go to the SMART Education Site:
  • From the web site select “Lesson Activities for Notebook”→you will find it in orange along the left side of the window.
  • Navigate to the last link entitled, All Lesson Activities--browse by curriculum standard, subject, or grade level.
  • Teachers Love SMARTBoards(click the link for your area on the left when you navigate to the page):

Notebook Files:

Interactive Web Sites:
  • Interactive Media Sites:

  • Interactive Music Sites:
    • American Orff-Schulwerk Association: This site contains information in music and movement instruction and has links for art teachers too!
    • Virtual Piano: This site contains a virtual piano keyboard where you can select instruments and play the notes on a virtual keyboard.
    • Children's Music Web
    • Creating Music: K-8, As easy as they can finger-paint, children can "draw" musical compositions and listen to their creations, manipulate the tempo of classical music, solve musical puzzles by rearranging the melodies, and experiment with performing music by movement gesture.
    • DSO Kids site introduces students to symphonic music amd the orchestra and its instruments. "The Music Room" is a kids only page that is filled with information about composers and the instrument families, sheet music, color sheets, various games and activities, an animated seating chart for different musical periods, and a radio for listening to the audio selections.
    • Interactive piano

Using SMARTBoards in Music resources