Cell Phones In Ed

•Present a “Cell Phone Concert”•Have students bring in their cell phones to your class (be sure to receive permission first from administration)•Instruct students to find one person (mom, dad, grandmother, family friend) that can be called during this performance•Before the performance begins, students
call the person who will be their audience•Once cell phones are placed on a table
in front of the ensemble, the performance can begin


Hall Davidson Info

His handouts

Gathered in part from:

Liz's Blog

Blog Link from a Session

Liz's Book
Toys to Tools: Connecting Student's Cell phones to Education

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Cell Phone's in Learning Resources/Research
Liz's Bookmarks


PEW Study: Writing, Technology, & Teens

NPR Series on Cell Phones and Culture

Anywhere, anytime: Using mobile phones for learning

wwwtools for education (Cell/Mobile Phones in Education)

Speak Up Reports (2003-2007) on Student/Teacher Cell Phone Use

Strauss & Howe Reports on Millennial Generation (born mid 1980's and later)

Introduction Activities

WARNING! know your cell phone plan and fees for text messaging!
*All Activities can be done with a basic cell phone.

http://wiffiti.com (Mobile Whiteboard)
http://www.wiffiti.com/e/5DDgz1 (Liz's Board)
What % of “advanced technology students K-12” believe that schools are preparing them for the 21st Century Job Force?
Send answers on your cell phone to: 25622
Message: @KOLB07 put your percentage guess

http://chacha.com (Mobile Research Tool)

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Send Message to:
In Message: Cast "number"
If you think the answer is....
than put this in the text message
Cast 1858
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Cast 1860
Cast 4480
Cast 4481
Cast 4482

NPR: Three Generations' View of Cell Phones

Mobile Blogging

iReporting and Mobile Citizen Journalism

Example of Education-related Mobile Blogging
A Teacher's Mobile Blog

Steps in Creating our NECC Reporters Mobile Blog

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Take Picture
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Type in your claim code

Step2: Podcast from your Mobile
Login to http://Gabcast.com
Create an account
Create a new channel (set it up to go to your new blogger blog)
Call Gabcast: 1-800-749-0632
Type in your Channel number #
Type in your password #
Press 1 to record a new post
Press # when done recording
Press 2 to publish

Sample Podcasting Projects
St. Joseph School (Trenton, MI) Radio Theater Podcasts
Author Study (6th Grade MI)

Step3: Mobile Photoblogging
Login to http://Flickr.com
Create an account (if you don't have one)
Set up a mobile address that posts directly to your blog
Step 1: Click on uploading Tools (next to Upload Photos)
Step 2: Click on Upload by Email
Step 3: You now will be given an email address for private posting from a cell phone. In addition you can click on Upload to Blog to get a "public"
mobile email address where your images/videos will automatically be posted to the blog of your choice.
Take a picture with your cell phone
Send the picture to your Flickr mobile address

Sample PhotoBlogging Projects
My Art Space (UK)
People's 311 (Clean up New York, student citizen activism)

Step4: Mobile Vlogging (Video Blogging)
Login to http://blip.tv
Create an Account
Click on Distribution
Click on Add Blog (add your blog)
Click on Automatic Cross-Posting. (check the blog box)
Click on Publishing
Click on Mobile Upload
Use Email Address to send movies which will directly post on your blog

Sample Vlogging Projects
MTV Choose or Lose

Step5: Speech to Text Blogging
Login to http://Jott.com
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Set up Jott so you can post directly to your Blogger Blog
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CLick on ADD next to Blogger
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Click on Add Your Own Feed
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Which feed "NECC"
Now you should hear your feed!

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Sample Text Message Alerts
Math Homework Help
Obama for Pres

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